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n. petite character in Soul Calibur that fights with twin bladed tonfas and specializes in evasion and ring-outs. Her signature moves are her 33A and her multi-throw (236B+G,46A+B,214B+K).
Damn I got RO-ed by Talim's 33A!
Beküldő: bubbachuck 2004. október 3.

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N. Soul Calibur 2 character that uses twin katars, and pwns you badly.
V. Talim Pwn'd: the process of being pwn'd by someone who fights as Talim
"blarg....pwn'd by Talim again =( "
Beküldő: Xeb 2003. szeptember 2.
Someone who makes me fart every time I hear her voice.
*quietly in the bathroom*
*Talim walks in and starts yapping*


*Turds fall like a machine gun*
Beküldő: Donkey Doodle 2004. augusztus 29.