good band. really feeling cute without the e. supporting greenday this summer- that must make them good- along with (simple plan) who are also good.
and will u tell all ur freinds
u got ur gun 2 my head?
this all was only wishfull thinking.
Beküldő: simple plan rock 2005. május 16.
great band amazing band dick suck should burn in fucking hell
u could slit my throat and with my one last gasping breath id apologize for bleeding on ur shirt
Beküldő: seanster 2003. június 19.
The predicate part of the clause.

A "verb, adverb, noun" statement in the indicative mood, normaly used activily with the unknown subject part of the clause. The tense is unkown.

the predicate describes that the unknown subject is/has/had/will be/ect taking back sunday, as in...

To obtain the first day of the week, which was previously owned by you, from someother source.
Emo kids are taking back sunday.
Beküldő: Balishma 2005. január 10.
my favourite band, ever. theyre not touring anymore. its kinda sad.
hey warren, i had another dream about taking back sunday. it was kinda sad.
Beküldő: marjorie 2003. június 2.
THE best emo band in th whole f**king world
i love them more than my whole family
taking back sunday kicks ass
Beküldő: resident emo 2006. július 22.
a kick ass emo/ino band.
Taking Back Snday is so awesome
Beküldő: broken windows 2003. június 4.
...Eh, ::crys:: Emo-ness
Beküldő: Corie 2003. július 7.

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