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The rare but possible female teabag where any part of the female genitalia is pressed against another person's face, typically while sleeping or heavily sedated from drugs or alcohol.
When she got out the shower, she gave me a taco bar. I couldn't complain.

The 'ho passed out, so all of her friends gave her a taco bar.

There's nothing like waking up to a warm taco bar.
#chicken #axe wound #teabag #your mother #cameltoe #shaming
Beküldő: Trav1s 2008. április 22.
An unusually high amount of females in a concentrated area.
Female equivalent to the term "sausage-fest"

Let's go, Patricia, this place is a total taco bar.
#taco salad #pussy-pound #cunt-fest #twat-city #vagville
Beküldő: T. Jette 2008. április 17.
a strip club where girls are stripping...if u get what i mean
Let's go have a sausage-fest at the taco bar.
#strip club #stripper #vagina #boobs #sausage
Beküldő: ur inner frat boy 2006. június 3.
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