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Someone who has copious amounts of phone sex, specifically over texting. Literally: Text Sex Queen.
"He said his warm cock is sliding between his fingers like a mole in the dirt," said the TSQ.
Beküldő: Ms. Peacokk 2008. december 18.

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Thornbury Sausage Queen

Can be found in the knot with a Goodfellas Pizza and a pint of Foster's. Made their name by noshing off half of Thornbury.

Also check them out at TSQ HQ near the town centre
Joe - What did you do last night?
Phil - Well, i went up the knot and pulled a TSQ
Joe - Why did you do that
Phil - Well we all have to get some ... She wanted it in her brown star and i had to say yes.
Beküldő: Cliftonchap82 2009. április 23.