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Scottish name. The most loveable guy you know. He is funny, charming and always up for a challenge. He has the most amazing body! He is the type of guy that gives you butterflies whenever you see him. He has a cute, cheeky smile. He can be a bit of a dick at times but his negatives are easily outweighed by his positives. He cares more than you think and has a good heart. You don't ever want to lose him whether he is a friend or something more.
Person1 "So, do you like Struan?"
Person2"Well what's not to like?"
#loveable #hot #cheeky #good heart #charming
Beküldő: Lillypad 2012. június 23.
A chimp resembling human that resides in the great city of Newmill, however a struan can be any person that resembles a chimp or any other primate.
"Dude, check out that struan, woah!"

"Man, that thing looks like a struan"
#chimp #monkey #struan #newmill #primate.
Beküldő: Doogie Broon 2008. március 5.
Flemish colloqualism for amazing
jeez check that boy! hes such a struan!
#stran #stroo #strun #gaelic name #amazing
Beküldő: Stroopid 2007. december 14.
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