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A idiot from the Neo Nazi website Known for believing outdated stereotypes, treating everything they don't agree with them to being part of a conspiracy theory, accusing everyone that isn't of the same view of being part of the JIDF, ect.

Stormon's are often known for being Attention Whores and seeking attention outside their cesspool of a website
When encountering a Stormon make sure to always have a sense of humor as it is easy to troll them.
#stromfront #fail #conservative #fascism #nazi #neo nazi #hal turner #/new/ #/b/ #4chan #stupid #retard
Beküldő: Liberty's Child 2010. szeptember 25.
a storm on a really hard erection
omg look at ben hes got a massive storm on
#chubby #stiffy #hardon #loverod #veinybangstick
Beküldő: terry&barry 2008. november 10.
A really huge erection
OMG look at ben he has a massive erection what a storm on

wow i can see his cock from here he must have a storm on
#cock #nob #boner #erection #stiffy #hardon
Beküldő: islambaben 2009. augusztus 18.
a stoner mormon kid
stoner + mormon = stormon
-whats up tweaker bitch?
- nothing stormon, what up with u?
- going to smoke
- no shit that what a dumb question
Beküldő: tweaker bitch 2005. február 22.
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