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The dark lord of all. Known as "Alfie" by mortals.
Demons run when Stormageddon smiles.
Beküldő: Rebochan 2011. október 10.
Sarah Zizek, dark Lord of all
"Why did Sarah take so fucking long to get a chicken wrap"
"She's Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All, she does what she wants"
Beküldő: Buzzer/Miata 2013. szeptember 26.
A television news term that refers to when a television station or network hypes a meteorological event or uses general fear tactics to build an apocalyptic like panic among viewers; generally implying watching only them can protect you.
Holy shit, they keep cutting into my show! You'd think it was a god damned stormageddon
Beküldő: DA_Hamilton 2011. január 31.