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The act of masturbating on a woman's bare butt after she has made it clear that is the only sexual option she is making available to you. Sometimes accompanied by dirty talk to accelerate the process.

Variation: Moldy Sticky Buns - after ejaculation the woman says "gross"
Wow, I thought things were going well until she turned over and told me to just give her sticky buns
#buns #butt #rear #cheeks #ass
Beküldő: dawg888 2009. szeptember 29.
Where a man is giving it a woman doggy style, and then he ejaculates on her bum.
Ricky was giving jules some great sex, till he gave her a sticky bun and she was not impressed.
#jacking off #doggy style #dirty ramirez #chilli rainbow #filthy lopez
Beküldő: T. Walton 2006. május 3.
When a man pulls out and ejaculates unexpectantly into a woman's hair. The woman then puts her hair into a bun for the trip home
Laura: How was your night with Treigh?
Maria: He gave me a sticky bun.
L: What?
M: He cummed in my hair!
#cum shot #facial #ejaculate #sticky icky #sticky #bun
Beküldő: qilly13w 2013. október 20.
A circle of guys jack off onto an unfrosted cinnamon bun and the last one to cum has to eat it.
Ryan: Hey I just bought a pack of pillsbury dough boy but they forgot the frosting!!!!

Austin: What the fuck do we eat for breakfast now?

Steven: I have an idea for breakfast. We can make a sticky bun.

Aric: Let's do it!
#soggy waffle #shoot the cookie #circle jerk #gay #jackin' it
Beküldő: One pump chump 2011. július 30.
Butt cheecks that are covered with a sticky substance, usually honey, beer, or spooge
This girl I picked up passed out on my so I needed to relieve some pressure and jerked off on her rear giving her a bad case of the sticky buns.
#sticky #buns #bunns #stinky butt #honey bunns
Beküldő: Cary the B 2006. május 5.
Waiting until your friend is passed out drunk, pull down his pants, and pour squeeze butter, honey, brown sugar, and peanuts into his hairy butt crack.
"He'd been out drinking at the Polish fest all day - I couldn't believe his wife called us over just so we could give him the sticky buns."
#hairemscarem #ballpark frank #dustbowl #coach #sara lee
Beküldő: Fattooth Electricteeth 2007. december 1.
Similar to a titty fucking except the dude thrusts his penis between a chick's butt cheeks while she is laying down on her stomach and busts a load between the cheeks and on the lower back region.
Baby, I realize that you are on the rag and can' t fuck so allow me to give you some "sticky buns" instead!
#titty fuck #butt games #ass games #dropping loads #butt fun
Beküldő: Dan Jay Robbins 2010. január 17.
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