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1. A tough situation to get out of, or a sensitive situation.
2. When a female is covered in semen and has no way to clean up quickly.
1. "Jenny was in a sticky situation after agreeing to watch her little cousin's birthday party"

2. "Jenny was in a sticky situation after giving her boyfriend road head"
#stickysituation #sticky #situation #seman #screwed
Beküldő: currybomb 2010. július 28.
When a satellite dish comes out of your ass and turns into an ice cream truck.
Do you remember that time when a satellite dish came out of my ass and turned into an ice cream truck and the aliens gave us all ice cream? Now that's what I call a sticky situation.
#a sticky situation #stucky situation #sticky situacion #runny situation #fair cop
Beküldő: Danny8997 2010. január 11.
n: a situation in which one's testicles are stuck to the side of their thigh, usually on a hot day due to sweat. Goes hand in hand with the Elvis Walk and a Slippery Slope
John: Bro, why are you doing lunges?

Mike: I'm trying to get rid of this Sticky Situation.

John: No shit.
#sweat #testicles #thigh #sticky #sweaty #awesome
Beküldő: Whoopsht 2011. október 9.
When you are jacking off and you cum in your hand and then get a phone call.
I had a sticky situation the other day when my mom called from vietnam.
#sticky situation #phone call #jacking off #cum #sticky
Beküldő: mials 2011. január 19.
The act of splooging on one's homosexual partner's abs.
This usually results in the receiver's abs or "situation" to become sticky, hence the name.

(Both participants must be North Jersey Italian)
John: Did you hear about Vinny?

Mike: Nah, bro what happened?

John: Paulie gave him a Sticky Situation.

Mike: Gross! I always knew those kids were fags.
#sex #cum #cumming #sticky #situation #jizz #gay #fag #guido
Beküldő: Kryptochroniconylite, nigga! 2010. december 23.
the stickiest situation since sticky the stick insect got stuck on a sticky bun.
now that is a sticky situation!
#sticky #situation #blackadder #baldrick #stick #insect
Beküldő: BBBBob 2006. október 28.
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