1. Friend
2. Something exceedingly cool or interesting
1. "Hey, Squid, I'm coming to the party Friday."
2. "Man, look at that board! It's a total squid."
Beküldő: Phoebe Buffay 2006. március 22.
its a large crustacious animal

I'm gonna rope me a squid. I'm gonna rope the biggest squid this side of the Rio Grande. You goin' down squid! My pappies blood will be avenged! You have the blood of my pappy on your tentacles! I won't rest until I get your big squid beak on my walls! My veins pump full of blood of hatred for you squid! I hate you with everything!
Beküldő: Saoancaker 2006. március 14.
Used to describe money
Do you have any squids?
Lend us a squid
Beküldő: L'il reach 2008. január 18.
when a female forcefully expells air from her vagina causing a noise.

squid is short for pussy fart
Amy let out a loud squid when she bent over
Beküldő: pj 2004. november 5.
a word generally used to say something is cool, awesome, sweet, fabulous, or that you like something (or someone).
"Your shirt is so squid!"
Beküldő: Squid Girl 2007. május 16.
Derogatory term used to describe asians.
Those squids ruined the party.
Beküldő: Abrad12387 2006. július 4.
dick, penis
Brad's got bigger squid than Dagul.
Beküldő: HunnyBunny 2003. szeptember 21.
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