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Another word for a cigarette
"Who wants to smoke a squam with me?"
Beküldő: eskimofinch 2010. január 16.
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A demeaning racial slur that targets the people of Squamish.
-Look at that dirty squam over there
-Dude he'll kick your ass, he's straight out of squampton
Beküldő: Squam Boy 2015. február 26.
A young, confused man-boy. Someone struggling with identity.
"That guy looks like a body builder...but dresses like an emo skater. What a Squam."

"Sam takes a long time to get ready. What a bitch. He's totally Squamin."

"That guy eats alot of food all summer and totally pulls ass. But i heard he goes back to school and doesnt eat, just to fit in with the band..mannn. What a squam."
Beküldő: huge dack 2009. május 27.
to squeeze in
i had to squam in next to him cause hes so fat.
Beküldő: spliff 2003. október 3.
a word that can be used to replace ANY noun or verb. The meaning is hard to explain but I am sure you will understand it once you shout a few "SQUAMS" while thrusting your arms rapidly. Try it!
"Go squam yourself."


"You silly squam."

"Squaym squaym squam shlong"
Beküldő: Don Piano 2006. június 22.
to hit something squarely, as though targeting a bullseye
The bitch knocked him squam in the nuts.
Beküldő: desertfrog 2006. április 5.
A very pretty woman or a HOT ASS BITCH. Another word for bitch .
"DAMN look at that squam with the big ass!"
Beküldő: Fernandinho 2007. augusztus 5.

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