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A girl who is easy. Usually refers to a girl who gives head a lot. She's a sprinter because she's quick to hop on the dick.
See that girl Gwen? she a sprinter.
Beküldő: AK(otb) 2009. december 11.
38 10
When it snows on the frist day of Spring.
While shoveling my driveway on March 20th I waved to my neighbor and yelled, "Happy Sprinter!"
Beküldő: rivdawg1 2010. március 20.
6 1
The Canadian season which occurs between Spring and Summer, when Mother Nature forgets that it is supposed to be getting warmer and suddenly reverts to Winter for no apparent reason.
- Shit, it's snowing!
- But wasn't it 24°C just last week? Man, I changed my winter tires and everything...
- Yeah, I know. Stupid Sprinter.
Beküldő: MLN/MHB 2010. május 9.
7 3
A name for people who sprint through each level in L4D2 to the safe room.
"Have you heard of Nikki, Sean, and Noah?"
"You mean the Sprinters?"
"Of course! I wish i could sprint like them!"
Beküldő: Nikki xD 2010. február 6.
1 1
a season that falls between winter and spring in New England and Canada. Consists of snow in April. It ends around mid-April, usually.
This sprinter is confusing me. It's causing Donna and Josh to think we're getting snow on Monday when we're really getting rain.
Beküldő: Karen Stickney 2007. március 31.
9 13
an internet persona who is WAITASE
Sprinter is dope as fuck.
Beküldő: DopeAsFuckKid 2004. július 17.
11 16
A short season in Saskatchewan that happens during April. It consists of warm temperatures one week only to be followed by below zero temperatures and large amounts of blowing snow.
I can't take anymore of this Sprinter. I wish summer would arrive already.
Beküldő: Macbeth42 2005. május 3.
6 14