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Ricky and Paige.

Jealous? yes.
Ricky is Paige's soulmate. Paige is Ricky's Soulmate
Beküldő: Ricky 2004. szeptember 7.
27 101
what you say to your friend when he/she gets married to make fun of them. calling their girlfriend or boyfriend a wife or husband wont work any more because they are now actually married.
dude, you havent gone snowboarding all winter because of your damn soulmate. pussy.
Beküldő: chadsicle 2005. január 21.
20 97
a bunch of bullshit. We dont have soulmates. It's just something some lonley ass woman or man came up with to make themselves feel less lonley from waiting around for years to find out nobody deserves them anyway
I use to think he was my soulmate until I realized he has no soul
Beküldő: DeNiece 2008. április 15.
35 145