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Someone, generally a teenager, who has acquired his or her parent's taste in music from frequent exposure through childhood.
"I love The Beatles! My parents have all their old records."

"You soogie! Haha"
Beküldő: tanya284 2008. május 19.
12 3
Noun: A youth who is neither extremely popular nor unpopular; someone who considers themselves to be quite average.

Noun: Someone who doesn't associate themselves with any form of clique, is a strong individual.
My best friend is a bit of a Soogie.
Beküldő: Laurie Harrington 2007. október 19.
11 4
Doing any form of general cleaning. Used primarily in the Merchant marine (civilian) sea going work environment. But not exclusive to.
Hey man, I need you to soogie the bulkheads (walls) in the Pway (Passageway/hallway) before we knock off for the day.
Beküldő: AB Dan 2006. július 17.
12 9
australian slang for geek.
ugh, she's such a soogie...
Beküldő: felixity 2008. július 10.
3 7
In the Armed Forces, especially the Navy and Coast Guard, "Soogie Powder" was equivalent to scouring powders such as Comet or Ajax.

The containers were indentical too, with a plain white label that simply read: "Soogie Powder".

The word was also used as a verb when referring to cleaning something.
"Get yer ass up it's time to turn two and soogie the head!"
Beküldő: Xcoasty 2007. április 9.
6 10