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To laugh so hard that snot comes flying out of your nose.
When April slipped off the diving board, Taryn busted out laughing, launching a ball of snot into the pool.

"Guys," she said, still giggling, "I snotted in the pool!"
Beküldő: Nick (the last cowboy) 2009. július 8. sneeze
2. to have snot come out of your nose
you snotted all over my hoodie!
Beküldő: Mer Mer 2005. június 18.
The act of shooting snot out of your nose unintentionally while breathing.
Beküldő: Toastttttttt 2011. június 26.
Being Intoxicated.
"Oh man! I drank so much beer last night! I am completely snotted"
Beküldő: snwbrdngsfinest 2009. december 7.
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