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When a male uses his penial organ to brutally slap some bitch in the face.
"Take that you dirty slut! I just smirfed you and your sister in the eye!"
Beküldő: Marshi 2004. január 21.
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To attack with affection.
You are so cute that I'm going to smirf you.
Beküldő: paigezz 2006. december 12.
type of facial expression that is made while peeing
I was smirfing the entire time!
Beküldő: JungleWalkin' 2010. december 9.
a person who is beyond stupid and sucks at life.
John: "That dude in math got a F on a open book test."
Kyle: "What a Smirf"
Beküldő: aemsaxon 2009. december 14.
(Language: Canadian) Single Mom I'd Rail For Sure
"She is a SMIRF" or "hey, check out that SMIRF".
Beküldő: Ragnar Danneskjöld 2008. október 18.

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