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also see hoecala
a place with nothing but horses and old people ........Oh! i almost forgot bout all those hot chicks at VANGUARD HIGH SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Beküldő: who??? 2004. április 15.
22 34
1)da most stankin place on the planet!Fo sho!
2)Home to many and the majority of nursing homes and all adult only appartment complexes or communities.
*Da older the person driving is, the longer their car gets.*
3)HOrse capitol of the world!Yee hA!
Person on I-75 asking for directions:"Yo wats the exit for Ocala?"
Person giving directions:"Ocala?never heard of it,you must mean Orlando!"
76 year old man drives a 1994 Chevy capris.
80 year old drives an extended-bed Chevy silverado.
Showhorse owner 1:"i bet my horse is prettier then yours!"
Showhorse ower 2:"nu uh!mine has a braided mane!"
Beküldő: BarbieGrL 2004. március 31.
16 29
full of old people and hoarse people; boring
i wish i didnt live in slowcala.
Beküldő: big k 2004. április 3.
6 26
1. A gay ass waste of soil on the face of the Earth.
2. A P.O.S. some old people actually call a "happening" place...haha....
" Holy crap did you see that gay ass waste of soil slowcala?"
Beküldő: matt 2004. március 31.
10 30