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A derogatory term used towards women. Mainly used upon females in a joking or very hurtful way. When the genitals of a female are smelly, kinda like fish and sometimes if there is green discharge, or has disease's then you would call a female "skrimpy" but mainly for if they smell "down there" !
"Damn, man...She is skrimpy"
"Ewww, man, i heard she wwas skrimpy, dont talk to her bro"
"HAHA whats goood skrimpy, i missed you!"
Beküldő: Brooke Nichole 2012. július 24.

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A cute nick name for a soon to be wife; MILF; or girlfriend
Angie is my little skrimpy.
Beküldő: john doe III 2005. szeptember 17.