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Perfection. Total Perfection.
'Don't hate me coz i'm beautiful, hate me coz your boy friend thinks so' ;-)

Loved by some, Hated by many, Envied by most, Yet, Wanted by plenty!
Beküldő: prep and proud 2004. október 29.
777 237
someone everyone wants to know

Say I'd like to know where, you got to know-sian....
Beküldő: number one star 2007. január 23.
438 139
the best girl you can know. smart, funny, gorgeous, a really really really good friend. with a very cute voice. you'll never be bored when she's around.
i wished my neighbour was a sian >.<
Beküldő: the hairy baby face 2008. augusztus 26.
360 118
Word used to describe attractivness/fitness.
Very popular among men, every man wants their woman to be Sian.
"Check out that hottie over there, phwoar she's well Sian!"
"I wish I was Sian.."
Beküldő: sianster 2008. április 9.
423 184
A little celtic pixie
y0 look at that tiny sian over there
Beküldő: woop de woop woop 2005. május 2.
285 154
Meaning sunlight in some welsh language, people named sian have hair as beautiful as the sunlight. They are funny, friendly, and simply amazing. Everyone loves a sian.
person: Anna is so cool
person1: yeah, her middle name must be sian
Beküldő: destroyenatar 2009. augusztus 4.
264 142
Someone who is made of awesome. She truly is ace! And wizard. At the same time. She might also be called a nerd. Perhaps.
Oh, how nice of you! You shouldn't have. You're such a Siân.
Beküldő: IndiaNovember 2009. április 23.
135 41