When your about to fight someone
What the Lets shoot the one!
#shoot #the #one #fight #fighting
Beküldő: Tyanna 2009. január 19.
Top Definition
1. A fistfight.
2. The activity of fighting with the fists.
Uh, do you want to keep running your mouth or do you want to step outside and shoot the ones with me?
Beküldő: Alex McMartin 2004. február 10.
go one-on-one
Let's shoot the one right now
Beküldő: Nikkia 2002. április 12.
Something you say when your about to fight someone. Or when you want to fight someone.
Hey, me and Brittany gonna "shoot the one". She keep talking.
#fight #run hands #hook #beef #throwdown
Beküldő: Nyc_qween.ve 2014. május 22.
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