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A broken penis
Tiger Woods woke up in the morning after a long night with 5 hoes with a Shonk, he partied to hard.
Beküldő: Tom Bueller 2010. október 4.
Someone who posts first in a commentary section. With the sole purpose and the sole content of showing that he is first. Admired, even worshipped greatly by all who comment after him/her.
Usually between 11 and 13 years old. With no concept of redundancy.
Blessed be Shonk, who mightily posted "first" on the comment section.
Beküldő: Meitheway 2013. november 18.
A thing which be-est dodgey in the manner of its fabrication or final design.
Thanks Gimblett, that was totally shonk
Beküldő: jimbobbedyjobob 2003. június 17.
A range of sanwhich vans that retail in poor quality greasy food which is most definately not for the feint hearted, otherise known for selling their Shonk
"'cmon lets go to the Shonk van for their utter shonk!"

"Shonky von Shonkerton is out side fancy a samosa?"
Beküldő: Shonky von shonkerton 2008. október 9.
offensive old-fashioned British abbreviation for "shonnicker".
shonks have big noses because the air is free
Beküldő: polruan 2010. szeptember 29.
to pull a fast one,to get one over on someone.To string something out but make it look like youv'e been busy.
Stuarts been shonking on that one again!lazy bastard!
Beküldő: bum wad,felch,cream,rabbit knob. 2003. október 4.
The act of shanking and then shooting a person/animal/object.
Stan was so angry that he shonk Clyde.
Beküldő: CoShaDeDine 2011. május 24.