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Shmang is the combination of two slang words for sex. "Smash" and "bang"
Joe : Did you have sex with that fat chick last night?
Bob : Not only did I have sex with her, I shmanged the sh*t out of her!
Beküldő: mindwarped 2011. március 7.
having intense sex while smashing and banging
last night me and my girlfriend totally shmanged
Beküldő: devastetator 2011. október 13.
an undefined amount of grime that appears on clothes, skin etc especially after eating crisps or saucy foods.
Everytime I leave the cinema my hands are always covered in shmang.
Beküldő: Nick Flanagan 2007. december 17.
To have such amazing sex with some one that you are smashing and banging them at the same time.
"That lady is so fine, i just want to shmang her till the sun rises, then sets."

"Oh my god, he shmanged me so good last night."

"So i was shmanging this girl behind the club and she was so drunk that she doo-dooed all over herself, i think i did a damn good job.
Beküldő: drosaveahoe 2012. augusztus 18.
The act of fucking women like cattle.
You ever see cows Shmang?
Beküldő: Cown 2016. július 9.
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