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it means "for sure my nigga"
Beküldő: Anonymous 2003. szeptember 23.
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Proof that society has got to the point that you can say retarded things like "shizzle my nizzle" without at least 13 people going "WTF?"
"Shizzle my nizzle"
"I get you..."
Beküldő: Kay 2003. július 27.
The "izzle" or "izzo" lingo was a direct rip-off of influential 80's hip-hop band (real hip-hop not that J-Lo/Ja Rule shyte) U.T.F.O. Now it has become a fun way for normal people to mock the bullshit ghettoization of American culture.
Anyone who listens to Jay-Z or P. Puff Diddy Daddy Coombs can sizzle my dizzle, nizzle.
Beküldő: guiltyofbeingright 2003. július 2.
sure, my friend!
Tyrone: You goin to that party tonight, sucka?
Stanley: Why, for shizzle my nizzle!
Beküldő: Vik 2003. március 4.
I whole heartly agree with you my african american brother
Beküldő: Anonymous 2003. július 25.
to shizzle a nizzle. fuck go learn english, retard.
man: do you want to shizzle my nizzle?
me: fuck no. fuck off you fucking loon.
Beküldő: Akuneko the Sly 2004. augusztus 4.
concur my african american brother!
shizzle my nizzle homie.....
Beküldő: bmac 2003. május 1.

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