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A combo of Holy Shit and What the fuck
Dude, Shit the fuck!?!?!
Beküldő: Dada and Kball 2008. október 11.
36 8
When something happens that is so unexpected, you just have no clue on what to say, so you say shit the fuck. It shows confusion, anger, and dismay.
I was playing my new copy of COD4 when suddenly, the image on the TV changed to some guy giving Oprah a titwash. Shit the fuck!
Beküldő: leesoer 2009. május 21.
26 5
A term used by The Angry Video Game Nerd. (James Rolfe)

To be used when angry.
"SHITTHEFUCK" Jen screamed when she dropped a vase on her face.
Beküldő: HelloAlx 2008. augusztus 27.
5 0
alternative to 'shit the bed', perhaps used to express a greater degree of surprise or concern
kimberly: aliens have captured your ma and they're about to anally probe you both.
john: shit the fuck!
Beküldő: dr richard kimble 2009. január 2.
6 10