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1. Your arsehole.

2. The most emotionally foetal place you can recede to whilst lying upon your bathmat.

3. A place where shitty skater's dreams go to die.

4. Any orifice that belongs to your mum which has had my cock in it.
Nathan Charles Richter: I fucked your mum up her shamepipe and i regretted it. Made me spend all Sunday locked up in my shamepipe.
Beküldő: David Miles Lichter 2009. december 25.

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The abandoned skate-park where George Michael's nightmares go to die.
Frank: I ate so such cheese before I went to bed that I totally fell into the suction of the ShamePipe. Hand me some Kleenex, Spanky!
Beküldő: Bobbymcnatio 2009. december 25.