that bit of hair that sticks up in morning and wont go down no matter what
man that guys got bare sevs
#hair #stick #up #sev #win #inch
Beküldő: alisuber2 2011. augusztus 27.
An adjective to describe someone who has done something idiotic. Used in East Anglia in England, deriving from the Colchester (town) Severals Hospital for insane or mentally retarded people
"You sev" shouted at someone who has just done something really stupid
#stupid #dumb #idiotic #twit #several
Beküldő: UK Ted Smith 2007. november 8.
the nickname for RC-1207, a semi-psychotic clone commando that specializes in sniping and a member of the elite Delta Squad from the video game Star Wars: Republic Commando. (Also featured in other Star Wars media.)
Sev is the best sniper you'll ever command.
#commando #star wars #clone #galactic republic #squad
Beküldő: Mystic monk fighter 2007. január 15.
Someone who is still living in the 1970's.
Check out that sev in the plaid bellbottoms.
#sevy #whooeeeh #seventeenhundred man #severus #seventies guy
Beküldő: Whoooeeeh 2009. május 12.
Refers to an African American person.
Originated from Central Europe.
That sev is whilin'.
Beküldő: Catt 2005. február 13.
Crappy. So bad you could get it at Seven-11.
Her hair is sev.
#bad #cheap #crappy #of low quality #uncool
Beküldő: andrewlawyer 2009. június 8.
a place for kids in hArdmore, PA to go cause there's nothing else to do. known to almost everyone else as 7-11 convience store.
damn, i'm bored, let's go to sev.
Beküldő: suzie 2004. augusztus 19.
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