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When you have the ability to look at an object.
I can see a boat over there
Beküldő: I K 2009. március 14.
To fight or to challenge.
If he don't like it, then he can come see me.
Beküldő: Dark Arsonist 2005. január 9.
when light comes from a source and hits something it reflects the light while some of it doesn't. when the reflected light or a light which hasn't been reflected comes to a certin place in the eye called the pupil. there we accualy see it upside-down untill our brain turns it back to right-side-up. And then our brain tells us what the objects are. That is how we see.
Two bous were palying hide and seek:

1:"I see you!"

2:"Than where am i?"

1:"behind the tree"

2:"How do you know?"

1:"The light reflected from you and the reflected light hit my pupil. when the light came to my eyes it was sent to my brain and understood."



2:"home free."
Beküldő: Hot-gal 2007. június 26.
word used from 1920s-1950s at end of sentences.
your through, see.
Were gonna go in through the back door,see. and then will get the security guards
Beküldő: vgbbgnhinh 2010. november 30.

"See." is a quick response of affirmation as if to say "Isn't that right!" or "You know that's true!"

also could replace the common exclamation "Would you look at that!"
The proper response to the statement "He always does that crap!" would be "See!"
Beküldő: Kepster 2010. december 3.
Northern Irish term meaning snog, or generally to get off with.

"Will you see me tonight"
Beküldő: Bedhead 2003. augusztus 24.
in egypt when a guy is so rich and so mom's and pap's kid and he is so weak and cant do any thing alone ......ppl call him sees
a: i swear i will beat u to death

b: ur just a sees ...go to ur mama hehehe
Beküldő: vodca333 2009. december 13.
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