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to be intoxicated to the point where you can't be anymore messed up without passing out. Synonyms: Drunk, fucked up, trashed, blazed, melted, stoned, malted, smashed, half dead.
me: Yo did you like drinking that steel reserve after that phattie?
josh: word man, im scorched
Beküldő: youchoose 2004. január 1.
to verbally burn someone to a devastating degree
Eva: Elisa, your eyebrows look like birds, one day they are going to get up and fly away.
Braden: Scorched!
Elisa: I hate you guys
Beküldő: boybraden 2014. december 21.
basically high as fuck to the point that you shit yourself and dont care
FUCK!! im scorched this is good shit
Beküldő: jdewitt97 2010. május 18.
The act of being hot and thirsty at the same time.
As we walked down the avenue during the heat of the day, I shouted to my friends,"I'm so scorched." When the laughter subsided, I explained that I was so hot and thirsty, scorched, you know.
Beküldő: Pattism 2013. május 19.
A hot, sexy piece of ass
Wow, he must be scorched!
Beküldő: Ryan 2004. április 17.
the state of being high on marijuana
"dude you're so scorched"
Beküldő: slangdefined 2016. május 18.
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