very good, amazing.
The tv show friends is sauce
Beküldő: Jamie mitchell 2004. február 28.
semen; love juice
I just busted my sauce all over that hoe with the fat ass.
Beküldő: JCS Bricks 2003. december 12.
Sauce, apart from meaning the tomato ketchup etc, means CHEEK.
Thats all, no gay stuff or anything else on here.
They rang up and told me that I'd won a prize then told me I would have to pay £100 for it, "WHAT A SAUCE".
#sauce #cheek #taking the piss #afhfy #hjhjhj.
Beküldő: effp. 2008. március 23.
an adjective, describing somethin' as crazy awesome.
oh snaps, that shirt with the dolphin on it is straight sauce.
#raw #cool #tight #insane #saucy
Beküldő: Patrick Stolcke 2007. április 3.
Someone who tries too hard to be cool. (flips up their collar, wears sweatbands without playing sports) The phrase comes from the fact that they probably don't get a lot of girls, so every party they go to would be a sausage fest and, therein lies the word's origin. Originally started by a bunch of guys who just made up the word.
dude1"That guy's totally sauce."
dude2"what, on steroids?"
dude1"no, that's the definition below this one"
Beküldő: Sausage Factory 2005. július 28.
sucks; terrible at something
That guy cant shoot the trey, he's some sauce
Beküldő: corey cannell 2004. augusztus 10.
Below average chick
Holy shit did you see that chick? She was fucking sauce.
Were there chicks at the party?
Yeah but most of them were sauce.
Beküldő: Scott Roon 2003. június 2.
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