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A Puerto Rican sex God. Santiago is well known for his extraordinary penis: He contributes he success to his phallus and sexual conquests. Although many women of the mid west have seen the orgasmic light of the Puerto Rican sex God, there is only one woman that has ever stimulated Santiago both body and mind. Santiago is most effective as a God when in the act of transcended emulsion with this one woman.
oh Santiago! oh Santiago! Oh Santiago!
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Beküldő: Utahmel 2008. április 22.
Origin: Spanish
Meaning: Named for Saint James.
Nick Name: Chago
santiago is hispanic.
#santi #san diego #whale's virgina #james #saint #latino names #chago #seniao
Beküldő: Bbesco2021 2006. október 9.
A common name for a funny friend. Usually nicknamed Santi which is derived from Santiago. Santi is used by said persons good friends, and will likely spread to all of the people that said person knows. Soon, said person will become Santi, ridding himself of his family given name, in favor of the coolest nickname of all time. The furthest thing from emo.
That boy Santiago is the shit. Dude's hilarious!!
#santiago #funny #friend #santi #sex
Beküldő: thatboy36512 2010. július 16.
A walking mound of intelligence, creativity, sexual superiority, and brawn. Usually, many are intimidated by his facile technique and his shear presence can be felt miles far from where he may be located. For those that don't know.. One should watch their actions and words. A Santiago may become irritable to those who have a labeled status of fool, ignorant bean, or cur. If you are not careful he may beat the shit out of you, shut you up, or take your woman. Most likely things will result in a combination of two or all three at once. And even though his aura is pretty much strong enough to pop your hot sister's tits, he is slow to anger, quick to tell a joke, and quicker to smash some good cooch. A great friend and funny person, Santiago's are amazing to be around.
"Dad? I love you and all but.. I want to grow up to be Santiago."

"Madam. The nurse and i had to saw off our hands after handling the baby. He is truly Santiago."
#awesome #powerful #huge cock #mind fuck #jaw dropping
Beküldő: 4amflites 2011. szeptember 5.
Capital of the Republic of Chile. Six million people live in the urban area, thus concentrating 37% of the country's population
Santiago de Chile is a modern city
#chile #de compostela #de cuba #tiago #south america
Beküldő: CCapurro 2005. december 2.
A Colombian sex god. As potent and addictive as Colombian cocaine. Knows how to spank you the right way.
It wasn't very good...he wasn't Santiago.
I can't stop thinking about Santiago.
I wish I could give up sex with Santiago, but I just can't, it's too good.
#santiago #colombian #sex #naughty #cocaine
Beküldő: addictedlover 2012. december 2.
somoene who is great at sports, but is too cocky about his talent, and will usually rank at people unexpectedly
person 1: Yo he is being too santiago
person 2: why?
person 3: that boi think he is lebron james
santiago: Im the best in the world
Beküldő: Euditaser 2016. január 28.
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