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An urban university in San Diego, CA with over 33,000 people. It's huge and packed with hot girls and guys that all think they're Volcom models.

The girls all wear Abercrombie ruffled skirts and huge Chanel glasses.

You spend most of your time at SDSU getting drunk every weekend, defending your school against pretentious UCSD pricks and going to the beach from March-November.

Oh, last thing. SDSU= San Diego State. Don't let any douchebag from South Dakota State tell you otherwise.
Girl #1= Hey, I go to SDSU
Guy #1= Go down on me cunt
Girl #1= OK
Beküldő: Aztec 2005. február 5.
A school located in San Diego. Home to the SDSU Aztecs and some of the hottest girls around. Parties are about as common as rice in China. Also has a parking lot that is more jammed up than the 405 freeway on friday afternoon.

If you're a true San Diegan, or one of the many NorCalers that wish they were, you probably go to this school!
Guy 1: I go to UCSB
Guy 2: I go to Chico State
Guy 3: I go to San Diego State, fuck yeah!
Guys 1&2: We wish we partied as hard as you guys
Beküldő: AztecZuL 2006. szeptember 26.
In 2 weeks at State all of this can happen.... 3 people in jail, one in mexican jail! a sleepover at a mexican taxi cab drivers house, 3 drunk girls wet the bed, 3 hospital visits. taking care of drunk RA's, floor whore gets around some more, watch out for couples in the shower(straight and gay) and unlocked doors, roomate violence and walks of shame! oh ya and all of this is told to you the next morning b/c you obviously blacked out!!
Roomate A: i have a test today
Roomate B: what class?
Roomate A: no, i think i have Herpes!
Roomate B: ya know what they say, 1 in 4 girls have an STD at San Diego State
Beküldő: Tenochca 2006. április 28.
My school. Home to many whores and dick heads. But also to a few cool people (like me). Too many blond bitches, too many pairs of Chanel sunglasses, too many frat boys. Tons of parties tho, which makes the whole thing worth while.
San Diego State holla!
Beküldő: 420 chick 2005. június 11.
A huge school known mostly for being a party school where your diploma means nothing because everyone knows why you go to San Diego State: to get wasted or stoned on a nightly basis. Also known for having loose moraled girls and guys who will feed you as much alcohol as possible so long as you have a vagina and are considered "boneable". Often called STDSU because of the dirtyness of the students, it was once rumored that you could get herpes simply by walking around campus. Although the worst academically out of the 3 major universities in San Diego, it is probably best known nationally because of its party school reputation.
I went to San Diego State last night and got shitfaced but unfortunately I woke up next to a sorority girl and now I have the clap.
Beküldő: TheGloveSD 2006. január 18.
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