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Heading to the bar looking specifically for cougars...
We are going on a safari.

To Africa?

No to the bar, he wants to hunt a cougar.
Beküldő: wisewisdomwordstx 2010. szeptember 16.
When white-collar white guys take part of their lunch hour to drive around really bad neighborhoods marvelling at the indigenous people and they way they live...while hoping not to get shot or jacked.
We went on safari yesterday to Division Street. We saw a group of porch monkeys grooming each other (haircuts) and one level 60 mooncricket who definitely wanted to kill us.
Beküldő: bigdaddyz99 2005. június 23.
An alternative to Internet Explorer or Firefox. Apparently faster than all other internet browsers.
I am using Safari to view this page
Beküldő: Dj Full-Torque 2005. szeptember 28.
pairing marijuana with a prescription amphetamine used to treat attention deficit disorder (usually adderall, a.k.a. pandas or pandae, but sometimes ritalin, a.k.a. koalas) to get a high energy high
Yo, we're goin' on safari tonight. Gonna eat some pandas, then hit the trees till it kicks in.

Wanna make it a safari?
Beküldő: prozak42 2011. június 2.
Refers to the act of targeting people of one race, specifically african-americans, on the game GTA. Called so because of their resemblance to apes.
-"Oh man, look at all the monkeys on this street! SAFARIIII!!!!!"
Beküldő: Mighty Joe Young 907 2009. április 13.
Term used to describe corporate management when they ban together to tour a floor of a department store. Refers to the way that they gawk at workers from a distance as if on, Safari.
"Oh God here comes the Safari, look busy until they pass us by."
Beküldő: Pascalle 2008. június 19.
Best software on Earth.
Damn Internet Explorer broke again.
Better use Safari.
Beküldő: CharlieZ 2007. október 23.