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A woman too old or too ugly to be a cougar but tries anyway.
I went to Target and had a flip flop wearing Sabretooth tracking me through the paper goods.
#cougar #kitten #cheetah #bushpig #mudduck
Beküldő: preyedupon 2008. augusztus 15.
This is a Woman well past her prime of being a Puma or even a Cougar. They lurk just before dusk in huge groups drinking Cosmopolitan after Cosmopolitan. They are looking for any form of action and are no stranger to the chase. They typically wear gray and white fur coats, have way to much gold jewelry, and wear more make up than Bozo the clown. If one of them approaches you quickly point her in the direction of the nearest early bird dinner and run for your life. These are the worst of bar patrons as they have nothing to lose and have heard it all.
OMG look at that dude he's getting mauled by that Sabre tooth
#sabre tooth #cougar #puma #old #woman
Beküldő: Avran LeFeber 2006. június 30.
A woman of elderly age, possibly a grandma who is too old to be a cougar but still on the hunt and able to take down younger unsuspecting male prey.
Dude, since your grandpa died last year, your grandma has become quite the you think I'd have a chance?
#cougar #sabertooth #sabre-tooth #gilf #milf #saber-tooth
Beküldő: Wolfeman 160 2009. december 4.
A Sabre Tooth is a cougar past her prime but still hunting for that younger man. Cougar is 35-49 years old while a Sabre Tooth is 50+. She is more likely to have multiple houses (from previous marriges), to buy you drinks, and driving a vet.
I was in Vegas last week and a Sabre Tooth pounced on my crotch.
#gilf #milf #cougar #older woman #puma
Beküldő: DeathByMullet 2009. május 18.
When a man goes up behind another person who is crouching down, and puts his hands up in the air wrists bent down at 90 degree angles, hands in the shape of claws. Often done to unsuspecting people. Based of an awkward photo which depicts the Marvel character Sabretooth coming up behind a kneeling Wolverine in this fashion, with the caption Release your inner animal. Mocked for its homosexual undertones, which the creator openly denies.
Dave-"Dude did you just see what Chris did to Kyle."

Matt-" Yeah man he totally just sabretoothed him."
#sabretoothed #sabretoothing #sabertooth #sabertoothed #sabertoothing
Beküldő: strings322 2011. február 6.
An woman who is angry and vicious, who is known for occassional outbursts of rage. Scary. On occassion one fears for their life.
Frank: I went to this break up support group, and it seemed like I was in a sabre tooth watering hole. Totally scary to think of waking up every morning with one them.

Frank's Dad: Yea, it gave me a queasy feeling when I was marrying your mother and the preacher ended with his line: "death do ya part", and I looked at her and ....
#angry woman #scary person #fear #rage #vicious person
Beküldő: mlhiss 2008. március 28.
1-Sabertooth: A female who specializes and prefers giving oral sex to men. Saber: slang for the male penis. Tooth: Oral.
2-Sabertooth: the act of giving a BJ. Sabertoothing.
"Yo man my woman be sabertoothing my schlong all the time"

"Yeah i know Beth, she be one fine sabertooth."
Beküldő: James 2004. március 5.
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