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STLC stands for Sweet Tittie Loving Christ. Generally something shouted in a moment of excellence or awesomeness. Or something groaned in a moment of shit getting worse.
Brett says, "STLC!!!!!!!"
Adam asks, "what the hell are you talking about?"
Brett replies, "STLC.... Sweet Tittie Loving Christ? I'm saying it cause check out dem bitches walking by.
Adam acknowledges, "Makes sense now. I don't believe in Christ, but I certainly wouldn't waste time with a Christ that doesn't love the tits."
Brett agrees, "Damn right."
Beküldő: paints 2008. április 12.
Suckin titty & licking clitty
lesbians on holiday at liquorland get lots of STLC
Beküldő: Benchers 2010. január 20.
She Tastes Like Curry
damn does STLC?
yeah STLC!
Beküldő: sryu 2009. január 14.