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1) The messaging acronym for "Shut the fuck up."

2) The initials of the fictional organization "Scarf Team Freaks United"
Guy 1: OMGZ!!1!!eleven!!!! can i joinz teh stfu?!!?1?!?!?!!?
Guy 2: Stfu, n00b.
Beküldő: Zizefia 2007. augusztus 28.
12 12
What Gerard Way Needs to do.
Steve really needs to STFU
Beküldő: Katzy 2005. szeptember 12.
10 10
a widely-used acronym for "shut the fuck up"
Have a nice cold glass of shut the fuck up!
Beküldő: Phishr 2005. július 20.
997 997
Shut The Fuck Up Commonly Used Online Or In Games Online
"Dude that's annoying as hell STFU"
Beküldő: Tha Blasta 2003. május 18.
743 743
The word some noobs commonly get mixed up with Stuff You!
John: I got the last lolly pop!

Francis: STFU!!!!!!

John: Stuff you to yourself!

Francis: o.O
Beküldő: Dodgy-deeds 2011. július 7.
1 2
(noun); shut the fuck up Used commonly in westlake village as StooFoo, which is created by Matt Cornelison
Girl: omgggg yourrr sooo hott
Matt: stfu, (said, stoofoo)
Beküldő: jamiedance94 2010. április 11.
2 3
Means "shut the fuck up!"
mostly use in fights between noobs
Noob 1: yo mamma so ugly her bestfriend thought she was a man!
Noob 2:stfu noob!
Beküldő: Middi88 2010. február 1.
1 2