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Short form for Statim, which is Latin for immediately medical
I need a knife... stat....
Beküldő: PorscheFanatic 2004. március 19.
1330 158
An abbreviation of the Latin statim, "immediately", often used in medical contexts
-The patient's heart just stopped working.
-We need a defibrillator in here stat!
Beküldő: Jules112 2009. február 15.
434 134
asap, right away, without delay
comon muthafucka suck muh dick..stat!
Beküldő: gerald 2004. július 31.
542 428
In gay chatrooms, a man looking for RT (real time) sex will IM an individual in whom they are interested and write: 'stats'. This means that they wish to know the age, height, weight, body type, hair color, eye color, penis size, and desired position (top, bottom, or vers) of the man whom they are soliciting for sex.
Napervilletop: you lookin?
Fillmyhole: yeah, stats?
Napervilletop: 22, 6'1, 170, athletic and smooth, br/bl, 8" cut, top. you interested?
Fillmyhole: you lookin to host or travel?
Beküldő: CapnCrouton 2004. május 12.
133 57
stats is an abbreviation of the word 'statistics'. 'Statistics' is the collection, organization and interpretation of numerical data.

websites use 'statistics' to aprehend with the eye just how many bodies of persons are calling on socially to the website.

This in turn takes charge of just how significant the compiler of said website's e-penis is.
From TeeGee of FuckingUpThe.Net
Beküldő: Jay 2004. január 21.
62 20
nick name for Amare Stoudimire of the NYC Knicks stands for Standing Tall And Talented
WOW! look how STAT dunked there!
Beküldő: ogren543 2013. december 4.
6 3
Used in the medical field to mean right the fucking way. Can also be used in casually.
Doctor: The patient is seizing he could herniate his brain push 4 MG's lorazepam IV STAT!

Anesthetist: Yes sir pushing IV lorazepam now!

Dude: Girlfriend is being a bitch today and won't hook up with me I need a beer STAT!

Broski: Right on it bro!
Beküldő: thatdudewithdatgirlwithdatfun 2011. március 1.
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