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spider crossed with a dog. agility of a spider, loyalty of a dog.
Dan moves like a spog.
Beküldő: Dan Bouffard 2008. november 19.
Northern British slang for sweets, candy.
gi' us sum spogs yer tight twat.
Beküldő: Anonymous 2003. március 17.
A slang word for a boiled sweet, possibly a Yorkshire (England) term.
Mummy, can I have some spogs after school?
Beküldő: Miss VT 2009. március 8.
Salt, Pepper, Onion, and Garlic. A delicious mixture that can be used on cooked foods and enhances the flavor to an orgasmic degree.
Joe had just finished marinating the chicken, so he applied a generous handful of SPOG to it.
Beküldő: DaveF.SA 2009. január 1.
super pimped out gangsta
damn dog homie is spog
Beküldő: slow99gsr 2006. december 30.
This is a very uncommon Indian name and by statistics only 10 people in the world have regarded themselves as a Spog. Spog as a definition of name means tending to be bored or excited easily.
"Dude that party was so fun everyone was just spogin out"
Beküldő: Kunning 2009. március 6.
to sit and or lay down
im gunna go spog on your bed
Beküldő: betty b 2007. február 2.

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