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Acronym for "shit outta luck".
"Dude, I'm S-O-L when that exam comes along!"
Beküldő: Zippidy 2007. november 18.
Shit out of Luck.
Person 1: Man, I have no clean pants to wear today!

Person 2: I guess your just SOL.
Beküldő: Meluhnee 2009. február 6.
1. Shit out of luck.
2. A staff of light, which is from the mmorpg runescape.

Its just about useless now because of the EoC update. It had a special attack that halved melee damage for 30 seconds.
1. Woops I'm dead. I am sol
2. Omg dun yoose the sol on my u nab
Beküldő: ult1m4t3 h4x 2013. június 11.
standards of learning in the state of Virginia

also Shit Out of Luck
i am SOL I got a 300 on my SOL
Beküldő: What u say 2011. február 9.
A product put into production after being written by undergraduates with a skill level less than trained monkeys.

By inference any product in continued deployment despite being completely inadequate for the job, and having no prospect of ever having a continuous uptime that could be measured in minutes.
SOLS is up! No wait.
Beküldő: TJ 2005. február 25.
An unfixable product.
Oy cdf, fix sols!
Beküldő: Nick 2003. november 27.
The sexiest most beautiful woman that god has ever created. Smart, funny, the full package.
"is that who i think it is"
"yes that's sol"
"i officially believe in love at first sight shes a goddess"
Beküldő: ilovehoney 2013. november 25.