it stands for son of a bitch! or from the show sons of butcher
um cant really describe s.o.b.
Beküldő: Dfox20 2007. április 25.
sick of being sad
i am SOBS today.=
Beküldő: Paige Rama 2009. június 2.
noun, acronym for still on the boat describing a person that is so foreign that they are not even considered fresh of the boat (FOB) but in fact are still on the boat, thus resembling their motherland counterparts more than FOBs.
goddamnit wtf is wrong with these chinee ppl? They aren't even FOB's they're frickn SOB 's.
Beküldő: niggaman star33 2011. szeptember 9.
A klick formed in the coachella valley filled with hustlers, chronic smokers, and money makers who live life one day at a time, always on there grind. The krew was established october 17 2007 by Rich Money & scrappy.
Beküldő: smoking on budda 2008. július 10.
O-f a
What an SOB
Beküldő: Evax 2002. november 11.
same old bull shit.
A: yooooooo wu??
B: nm u?
A: sobs
Beküldő: rinkel 2009. október 11.
Semites On Bikes is the Motorcycle Club of the elite, non-stereotypical jews with SOB Panache.
Semites On Bikes (SOB)is a group of predominantly Jewish REFOB (reasonable facsimile of bikers)riding in the Baltimore County area of Maryland.
Beküldő: V4Powered 2008. február 5.

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