Means "shaking my dick head." Used when referring to masturbating
Friend: "Hey, wanna come over?"
Me: "Give me 5 minutes... smdh"
Beküldő: Sr_Papacito 2011. december 4.
suck my dick hoe.
person one: smdh

person two: okay!
Beküldő: notreallyblonde 2010. április 25.
SMDH is an acronym for, "Shakin' my dickhead." Used when you witness an event that leaves you speechless. Or used as a follow up dance subsequently after the helicopter.
Example1: I saw this guy driving down the wrong side of the road today. Smdh shakin my dickhead

Example2: I got out of the shower at my girls house. She was watching american idol in the bedroom. So I stood in front of the tv, dropped my towel, smdh shakin my dickhead and broke out the helicopter on her.
Beküldő: Nate Blaze 2011. június 29.
Suck My Dick Ho!
When "Shaking My Damn Head" is just not enough, and what you really meant to say was "Suck My Dick Ho!" SMDH!
Beküldő: badboybone 2011. január 24.
So Many Dumb Hoes
There are SMDH in this world.
Beküldő: YoImCool 2010. október 18.
Shaking My Dick Head
I was thinking with the wrong head last night and my girlfriend slapped me in front of everyone. smdh...
Beküldő: steelers2383 2010. november 7.
That bitch be getting it one in the club. Gotdamn. SMDH
Beküldő: Spanish Jose 2008. augusztus 18.

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