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charismatic, gentle, good-looking, kid, stylish, romantic, easygoing, intuitive, fun, happy, always smiling, helps people out with everything, friendly
Ruchi is a very good-looking person at our school and is very nice to everyone.
Beküldő: not identified 2008. december 9.
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a name meaning taste or interest
That pizza was ruchi-licious
My ruchi is in math
Beküldő: Fiza 2007. június 13.
A small little girl that thinks shes really cool
hey look thats a ruchi over there
Beküldő: pooja1234 2006. július 12.
a bitch move, relating to a bitchy thing to say or do that ruchi would do
man u totally pulled a ruchi
Beküldő: brooksinator 2007. október 24.

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