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A mesh of the phrase "Rock Solid".

Most often used by epic douche bags and introduced on MTV's show "Is she really going out with him?"
Guy One: "Hey how was that date last night?"

Guy Two: "Pretty rolid, I got some."

Guy One: "You fucking bag of douche..."
Beküldő: Gotadime 2010. február 28.
It's like "solid", but I like saying "rolid". - As told by Gamecock on MTV's "Is She Really Going Out With Him?"
You got spinners on dat thang too? That's rolid, bro...
Beküldő: FreakNastyTheChast 2010. február 4.
Used to describe dirty hashish
hatin it u got dirrty rolid
Beküldő: lee hoggarth tom pollard 2004. október 13.