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An attempt to pronounce the acronym ROFL as a word.
roffel, that was 2 funny 4 me!
Beküldő: KYX! 2003. február 6.
What the ventrillo guy says when he tries to be leet.
skyline commented "roffel"
Beküldő: gaurav 2004. március 12.
Parody of the the ROFL Acronym used as a joke by many, most commonly used in the phrase "Roffel My Waffle". The parody of this phrase is used in the example. The joke is meant to confuse.
Roffel My Falafel!
Beküldő: Not Ran-Di 2003. július 20.
The alternate (and commonly considered wrong) version of Roffles. Less funny though.
I'mma reply to this topic with a crapload of roffels!
Beküldő: Grey 2004. december 20.
Verb. To make nonsense into sense

Noun. a Brain

I roffeled the shit out of that guy
Sometimes I touch my roffel
Never take someones roffel from them

Beküldő: The Band known as Roffel 2008. szeptember 3.