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a dish that is also known as bull testicles
Bill: Everyone is eating rocky mountain oysters aka bull testys
Mike: Lets try to find the fag eating his penis
Beküldő: C.Good 2008. szeptember 17.
Bull nuts. Idiots eat them.
"Hey Joe, lets make us some tasty Rocky Mountain Oysters.

Aren't they bull nuts, fred?

Beküldő: Anonymous 2003. május 2.
see cow fries
mmm! these rocky mountain oysters taste just like chicken nuggets! hmm... i wonder what is really in those nuggets at wendys...
Beküldő: jackieC 2004. január 26.
edible bull testicles
those were some good rocky mountain oysters at the bar last night.
Beküldő: Hugh G. Dick 2008. július 2.
Bear Testicles - served as an appetiser
Martha loved to impress company with her rocky mountain oysters.
Beküldő: JaymeMaurice 2006. december 9.