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To do what you do in an outrageous and marvelous way.

(made famous by select members of the 2008 senior class of scripps ranch high school, san diego.)
kathleen: how often do you rock it?

megan: on the daily!
Beküldő: rockitsister 2008. május 29.
to pick up a rock and throw it through the monitor.
when a computer is being a pain just rockit!
i got pissed at command and conquer so i rockited it.
Beküldő: Cj martin 2008. január 12.
slang for idiot. mainly used by neds
"aw man, your a pure rockit!"
Beküldő: Woody 2004. augusztus 18.
Used as an alternative to "Okay!"
Johny: Let's go see a movie.
Stanley: Rock it!
Beküldő: Graham 2004. október 22.