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one of the best songs by Run DMC, a must download
I'm driving a caddy, u be fixin' a ford
Beküldő: El_burro 2003. március 24.
An orgasmic piece of open-source coding brilliance targeted at a variety of MP3 players. Will increase your sex life by 10000%
"Hey, is that rockbox on your ipod?"
"Why yes"
"Do you want a blowjob?"
#ipod #sansa #open-sorgasm #babe magnet #doom!
Beküldő: W33G33 2010. március 24.
The act of filling an empty box full of rocks, then placing it in a location likely to be seen by many drunken college students. This is because, to an inebriated man, it is nearly impossible to resist the urge to kick seemingly empty box as hard as humanly possible. The result is hilarious.
person 1: Why is that drunk dude holding his foot and yelling at a box?

person2: It's a Rock Box

Person1: oh
#rock #box #rockbox #drunk #prank #college #cleveland #steamer
Beküldő: Random Drunk Guy 2011. február 16.
When a womens ladyparts come face to face with medusa
You here what happened to Clarise?
Heard she got the rock box
#rock #box #cooter #pussy #pooter
Beküldő: Dude Rugs 2014. február 14.
The act of rolling up all the windows of your car to contain blaring rock n' roll music. Gets its name from the similar act of hotboxing your car to contain marijuana smoke.
Guy 1: Dude, pop in the Zeppelin CD.
Guy 2: Better rockbox the car to get the maximum effect.
(Both roll up their windows furiously)
#rock #rocknroll #rock n' roll #car #truck #vehicle #box #hotbox #rockbox #rock box
Beküldő: ColonelKetchup 2008. június 28.
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