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What Americans call a public toilet even though you cannot have a nice lie down in it (unless you are a very dirty person).
Don't even think you can have a rest in the restroom; it's for shitting and pissing in. And it pongs too badly.
Beküldő: Edna Sweetlove 2006. október 1.
A room in a public place with sinks and stalls. There's a men's room and a ladies' room.
Have you noticed how dirty their restrooms are.
Beküldő: David 2003. december 7.
The proper word for 'bathroom'. Used by public places that provide them. For example, the restrooms in my house are called bathrooms, but the bathrooms in a restaurant are called restrooms.
Where are the restrooms in this place?
Beküldő: Diggity Monkeez 2005. január 12.