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A legal form of prostitution where a female collects money, cars, and other valuable things in exchange for sex.
i gave tiffany a really expensive diamond for the aniversary of our one year relationship last night.

yeah but did you get laid?

you know it!
Beküldő: AZX3RIC 2005. szeptember 21.
2903 1202
The reason for 70% of suicides in America.
Stan ended his life because of a faulty relationship.
Beküldő: Anonymous 2006. június 15.
1789 751
doomed from the start
relationships, either way your fucked
Beküldő: mimmleflog 2006. október 8.
925 284
The Ability To Put Up With Somone Elses Bullshit, Usually Of The Opposite Sex, For a Long Period Of Time.

Also See: whipped,hopeless,onegina,fucked
"You Know What Else Is Crazy?","This Relationship"
Beküldő: DiabloTM 2005. november 30.
975 431
a trap
Beküldő: Exjordanary 2009. január 19.
960 432
1. any type of connection that brings two individuals together for a period of time
2. something other than a friends with benefits
3. more than a mutual understanding!!
1. I have been in a relationship for over 3 years.
2. Who cares about cut buddies, I am in a relationship.
Beküldő: thalovagurl!! 2003. november 8.
892 435
The most un-sturdy and uncertain vessel to navigate through any ocean of the heart. While the warm winds of prevailing love and romance blow favorably through its sails, this un-seaworthy vessel steers ahead with pride and promise. But upon hitting rough and stormy weather, too often the relationSHIP flounders and sinks.
If you've yet to experience a relationship, then an example will do little to help you understand.
Beküldő: nethcev! 2006. augusztus 17.
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