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A specialty drink at Denny's.
When asked about the razdango, daniel said "Oh those are all nasty!".
Beküldő: killer ben 2007. június 14.
A variation upon the reverse-down fuck. When the female sex partner lies on her back, and the male positions his dong in a downward position. He then continues to move into a sitting or squatting position while having sex.
Oh yeah bro!!!! I totally gave her the old razdango Last night.

Excuse me mam, would you fancy a razdango
Beküldő: 3bz 2011. január 23.
An expression of excitement.
Jill: Guess what Bob? I won the lottery!
Bob: RAZDANGO! That's great news!
Beküldő: Steven Smith 2006. június 7.
something awesome- adj
That pie is razdango!
Beküldő: Zach Hopkins 2008. augusztus 3.