it means so out of control that they are the coolest person ever.
That female at NSO was so ratchet everybody wanted to hang with her.
Beküldő: nsovolunteer 2011. június 24.
an extremely ugly girl. there are 3 levels.
level 1- buttahead
level 2-muud duck
level3- ratchet.
*krislee walked into the room* jimmy said yo look at that buttahead.
*Chey came in*bianca responded she a ratchet.
Beküldő: soccergal 2006. június 7.
a term used to descride an old dirty black hoe
that bitch is a ratchet.
Beküldő: eazynsleazy 2011. november 10.
awsome, kickass at whatever they are diong or at everthing in general
Micheal Jordon is ratchet at basketball
Beküldő: Rocco Mangin 2007. április 18.
to be someone with mood swings, going back and forth between decisions.
Yo that girl is a ratchet! How you live with her?
Beküldő: urbdict1 2005. április 19.
A knife, usually a switchblade
"..if I ain't grab the ratchet & let them cowards have it"
Beküldő: nate diggity 2005. március 9.
v: Term used to describe when a persons teeth get knocked out by somebody else
Dude! that kid got ratcheted bad last night!

Man i wish i could ratchet someone right now.
Beküldő: Taro Baap 2007. február 19.

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